Terry Mynott Actor

Terry Mynott is an exciting new comedy talent, notable as both an actor and his astounding ability as an impressionist. Terry has recently completed his lead role in the exciting new comedy drama for Channel 4 entitled ‘The Mimic’, which has just been re-commissioned for its second series on screens in 2014. The Mimic sees Terry playing a lonely bloke with a boring job, who uses his ability of mimicking celebrity voices to get ahead in life through a hugely creative array of comedic scenarios. 

Terry has just finished work on his first dramatic feature film The Greatest Living Englishman, set in 1875 depicting the biopic of the first man to swim the English channel.

2012 saw Terry co-lead the hugely successful channel 4 comedy Very Important People with Morgana Robinson. Taking on an extensive array of TV personalities, the show was a daring and fresh take on impressions, best described by Channel 4’s commissioning team as “A show that not only mocks our beloved stars but also goes on to satirise a culture now bamboozled by trivia, gossip and regurgitated ideas”.

Terry starred alongside Morgana Robinson and Tom Davis in The Morgana Show, broadcast on Channel 4. The show featured a host of celebrity impressions and original comedy characters. The Morgana Show is soon to be released on DVD.

Terry began mimicking Julian Clary and Frank Spencer as a child and has now built up hundreds of impressions to include movie stars such as Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Morgan Freeman and TV personalities like Louis Walsh, David Attenborough and Alan Carr. Terry released a now infamous homemade YouTube video of his impressions, which has had thousands of views, and made fans in respected comedy writers and producers such as Graham Linehan and Robert Popper who posted the link of the video on their Twitter page and subsequently brought him to the attention of John Noel.

In 2009 Terry wrote for several animated projects, which included The Adventures of Bill Zapier, made for comedian Rhys Darby. He also acted in Leigh Francis’ Chamone Mo’ Fo’ Selecta’ a Tribute to Michael Jackson which aired on E4 and was later released on DVD. In 2008 Terry provided the voiceover for a MySpace comedy campaign produced by Paul McCartney & animated by Geoff Dunbar.

In 2006 Terry worked with animator Scott Mitchell to create Star Street, a comedy animation series spoofing Star Wars for the website Comedy Box, a subsidiary of Warner Music and started by QI creator John Lloyd. The show was one of the most successful on the website. Subsequently Terry was commissioned to create an animation special for QI’s first DVD release.

Terry left school at 16 and dabbled in several different jobs ranging from working in the London sewers to being a photographer’s assistant in Los Angeles and even touring the country supporting Faithless aged 18 with his pop band Kawala.

For further information contact: Hannah Linnen on 0207 428 8400/ hannah@johnnoel.com


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