Sam Delaney

Sam Delaney is a writer and broadcaster, host of drive time on national radio station Talk Radio and presenter of Sam Delaney’s News Thing on RTUK.
Every afternoon on Talk Radio, Sam tackles the big political and current affairs stories and interviews major public figures in his own opinionated and irreverent style.
On News Thing, a format Sam created for RTUK, he has attracted some of the most prominent figures in British politics and public life – from Vince Cable to John Prescott, Alastair Campbell, Ken Livingstone and Neil Kinnock. The show has developed a cult following online and on air.
He reviews the newspapers every week on Sky Sunrise with Eamonn Homes. He has written and presented documentaries for BBC Three (‘Bust My Ass’ and ‘Sex, Lies and Phone Hacking’), Channel 4 (‘Teen Trouble’) and Channel 5 (‘Sam Delaney on McBritain’).
In the past he co-hosted The Edit, a weekly news and entertainment show on Channel 5 with Anita Rani and was a special correspondent for ITN. He has hosted radio shows on BBC 5Live and BBC London and continues to host on talkSPORT.
Sam’s background is as a journalist and editor. He is the former editor-in-chief of Heat magazine and of Comedy Central UK.
His writing has appeared in The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph, The Observer, The Mirror and numerous others.
He is the author of three books: Get Smashed: The Story Of The Men Who Made The Ads That Changed Our Lives (2007); Night Of The Living Dad: Confessions Of A Shabby Father (2009) and Mad Men And Bad Men – What Happened When British Advertising Met Politics (2015)
TitleRole DetailsChannel
Sam Delaney's News Thing
PresenterHosted by journalist and author Sam Delaney, each weekly episode features a panel of top comedians, a clever political guest dragged kicking and screaming from their proper job and a load of other stuff to keep you abreast of all the big issues.RTUK
Talk Radio
2016 - present
PresenterEvery afternoon on Talk Radio Sam tackles the big political and current affairs stories and interviews major public figures in his own opinionated and irreverent style.Talk Radio
The EditCo-hostC5
Bust My Ass 2007Presenter Watch Sam Delaney discover that under a New Labour government, you can get nicked for practically anything - from a bit of mild heckling to wearing the wrong T-shirt. Sam decides to fight back and assembles a band of unlikely New Labour criminals, who have all been nicked for ridiculous new crimes. He is on a mission to help them do what they want, without getting arrested.
Teen Trouble 2007 Presenter Journalist Sam Delaney asks shoppers how much crime teenagers commit. Older people blame them for 80% of total crimes, but teens themselves are much nearer the truth, which is that only 12% of known offenders are under 18.
Channel 4
Sex, Lies And Gagging Orders 2011Presenter After a summer dominated by shocking revelations about phone hacking and celebrity super injunctions, Sam Delaney investigates how much we're entitled to know about the private lives of the famous - and how much they have a right to keep hidden.BBC 3