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Matt Morgan, not to be confused with the wrestler of the same name despite his statuesque build, is a writer and occasional presenter. He is currently completing work on the second series of his self devised comedy narrative entitled ‘The Mimic’ for Channel 4. Based around a new and exciting impressionist Terry Mynott, the show concerns a lonely man who uses his ability to mimic celebrities to get ahead, though often with comically dark consequences. 

As head writer on Very Important People, an impression show  for Channel 4, Matt created an incredibly impressive satirical world to mock our celebrity saturated society. Matt worked alongside the hit sketch duo Cardinal Burns supplying additional material for their self devised E4 show, this became a returning series for Channel 4 which Matt subsequently worked on. He wrote the 30-minute sitcom Fun Police for Channel 4’s 2011 Autumn Comedy Showcase season which starred Ryhs Darby and Vic Reeves.

Perhaps Matt is best known for co-presenting the anarchic Russell Brand Radio Show for BBC Radio 2. It ran from 2006 to 2008 and won a Sony Gold Award in 2008. Russell and Matt reunited on the radio in 2010 to present a 20-part Saturday night show for talkSPORT.

In 2008 Matt co-starred alongside Russell in On The Road, a documentary on Jack Kerouac’s iconic novel. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the book’s publication and in tribute to beat pioneer himself, the pair embarked on a Kerouacian peregrination coast to coast across America. The trip took just over three weeks and gave viewers a hilarious adaptation of the original journey. It aired on BBC 4.

Additionally, Matt has written scripts for several award shows including Galaxy National Book Awards in 2010, US MTV VMA Awards in 2008, The Brit Awards in 2007 and the NME Awards in 2006.

Furthermore, he has written for numerous other TV shows including two series of the BAFTA-nominated Russell Brand’s Ponderland (C4), Russell Brand’s Got Issues (E4), 1 Leicester Square (MTV), The Kevin Bishop Show (C4) andComic Relief (BBC).

In 2004/5 Matt wrote an animated series called Empire Square, directed by the drummer from Blur, for Channel 4 in the UK. The Fuse Network in the US then picked up the show and Matt headed up an NYC-based writing team to produce six half-hour episodes.

For further information contact: Hannah Linnen on 0207 428 8400/

Edinburgh TV Festival

Interviewer Matt Morgan interviews Russell Brand in front of a live audience as part of the Alternative MacTaggart sessionEdinburgh TV Festival
Mister Winner

WriterStarring Spencer Jones, AAimee-Ffion Edwards

BBC Comedy Playhouse sitcom about a hapless but loveable and well-meaning man who is prone to accidents, complications and landing himself in unusual and often somewhat dangerous situations
BBC Inhouse for BBC1
Radio X

Co-hostMatt co-hosts Russell Brand's weekly radio show Radio X
Hospital People

Co-writerAs part of BBC One's Comedy Playhouse, Hospital People is a mockumentary set in the fictional Brimlington Hospital and debuts as part of the BBC Comedy Playhouse season. The show follows the lives of a collection of characters connected to the hospital in some way, all played by one man: Tom Binns.Roughcut Television for BBC 1
The Agency

Co-writerSeven part BBC2 series showcasing the dazzling impersonations of Morgana Robinson with likes of Miranda Hart, Natalie Cassidy, Russell Brand, Joanna Lumley, Gregg Wallace, Mel and Sue, Danny Dyer and Adele.Happy Tramp for BBC2
The Russell Brand Podcasts

Co-HostStarring Russell Brand, Mr Gee
Twice weekly podcasts discussing current affairs

WriterStarring Tom Rosenthal,
Joel Fry, Doon Mackichan, Ryan Sampson

Desperate young men try to hold down jobs and climb the social ladder while living in ancient Rome.
Rise Films for ITV2
Sunday Night Palladium

Co-writerHost Jimmy Carr
British television variety show
ITV Studios for ITV
Feeling Nuts

WriterHost Jack Whitehall
Live comedy show helping raise awareness of testicular cancer
Fulwell 73 Productions for ITV
The Brit Awards 2014Co-writerHost James Cordon
The British Annual, Star-studded music awards
ITV Studios for ITV
The Mimic 2
6x 30' March 2014
Head WriterStarring Terry Mynott, Jacob Anderson, Jo Hartley, Neill Maskell, Sharon Duncan Brewster Running Bare Pictures for Channel 4
The Mimic
5x 30' March 2013
Head WriterStarring Terry Mynott, Jacob Anderson, Jo Hartley, Neill Maskell, Sharon Duncan BrewsterRunning Bare Pictures for Channel 4
Cardinal Burns
6x 30' Spring 2013
6x 30' May 2012
Co-writerStarring Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns
Welcome to the world of Cardinal Burns, the E4 comedy series in which Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns invite us into their surreal and offbeat minds, and unleash a cast of uniquely funny characters
Leftbank Pictures for E4
Very Important People
6 x 30' Spring 2012
Co-WriterStarring Morgana Robin, Terry Mynott, Tom Davis
A celebrity impression show from Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott that mocks our beloved stars and satirises a culture bamboozled by trivia, gossip and regurgitated ideas
Running Bare Pictures for Channel 4
Autumn Comedy Showcase
Season: "Fun Police"
1x30' Autumn 2011
CO-writerStarring Rhys Darby and Vic Reeves
The Fun Police is a sitcom pilot that follows the trials and tribulations of less than competent health and safety team
Roughcut Productions for Channel 4
Russell Brand on The Road 1 x60' December 2008On Screen contributor (Himself)Starring Russell Brand and Matt Morgan
Russell Brand sets out across America's vast heartland in homage to one of the of his literary heroes, Jack Kerouac and his classic novel, On The Road
Bad Father (screenplay) 2009Co-WriterBad Father was a movie co-written with Russell Brand for Adam Sandler's production company Happy MadisonParamount/Happy Madison
MTV VMA Awards 2008Co-writerHost Russell Brand MTV US's Annual Star-Studded Video Music AwardsMTV US
12x30' 2007/2008
2x series
Co-writerStarring Russell Brand
Russell reviews some hilarious archive footage in this concoction of wit, bile and rambling lyrical tomfoolery
Vanity Projects for Channel 4
The Brit Awards
Co-writerHost Russell Brand
The British Annual, Star-Studded music awards
ITV Studios for ITV
The Russell Brand Show
5x 30' 2006
Co-writerStarring Russell Brand
The programme featured Brand's take on current topics of conversation, a sketch on current topics, guest interviews and live music
Vanity Projects for Channel 4
The NME Awards UK 2006Co-writerHost Russell Brand Channel 4
Russell Brand's Got Issues
6x 30' 2006
Co-writerStarring Russell Brand
The world's in a shocking state what with the weather, World War Three brewing etc.. Now's the time for an informed mass debate, and Russell's just the man to get it out in the open and give it a damned good thrashing
1 Leicester Square
April-December 2006
Head Writer Starring Russell Brand
A chat show featuring celebrity guests, musical entertainment and various asides featuring Russell Brand