Louise Glazebrook

Louise is one of the leading dog behaviourist and trainers in the UK, working hard to help owners understand their best friends in a friendly, fun but no nonsense manner.

Her firm but fair attitude has seen her become the BBC expert on dogs featuring in Six Puppies and Us (2015) Choose the Right Puppy (2016) and 10 Puppies and Us (2017) whilst also responding to news coverage as it happens for Sky News, The Daily Telegraph, Grazia and The Times.

Louise attended a covent all girls school where working with dogs was not an option! After a period of time working in the toy industry she decided to follow her dream and created The Darling Dog Company in 2009 – working with clients and their dogs across London. Since then she has been in India working with street dogs, she created a programme engaging youth offenders and rescue dogs and wrote a book ‘Dog About Town – How to raise a happy dog in the city’.

10 Puppies and Us (2017)ExpertRDF for BBC2
This Morning (2016)Guest ExpertCelebrity dog trainer Louise Glazebrook's guest appearance on helpful hints and tricks to discipline puppies. ITV
Choose the Right Puppy for You (2016)ExpertFrom how energetic they are to how much hair they shed - this show discovers the truth about different breeds of dog and behaviourist Louise Glazebrook is on hand to help people find the perfect puppy for them - including a family who have never had a dog before and have no idea where to start, and a single flight attendant who is determined a big dog is right for him.RDF for BBC2
Six Puppies and Us (2015) ExpertFollowing six British households taking on the potentially life-changing responsibility of a puppy, tracing their stories over the course of the first year of their puppy's life.RDF for BBC2