London Hughes Stand-up Comedian / Comedy Actor / Writer / Presenter

London is an award winning comedy writer-performer and presenter. Since winning the prestigious Funny Women Awards, she’s gone on to pen and star in TV and radio and become one of the many loved faces of children’s television, culminating in the latest series of CITV’s weekend breakfast show, Scrambled! Recorded as live, Scrambled! is a mix of chat, games and comedy sketches with the presenters interlinking between shows in the CITV schedule.

London debuted her one hour one-woman show London Hughes: Superstar at Edinburgh Festival 2017.

London has most recently launched her own YouTube comedy series No Filter, written by and starring herself, featuring the UK’s hottest young comedy talent and based on London’s real life experiences in friendship and dating.

One of London’s favourite shows to work on was starring in comedy and reality hybrid Bad Bridesmaids for ITV2, whereby brides-to-be allowed undercover actresses to attend their hen night and create havoc to be in with the chance of winning a luxury honeymoon.

ITV comedy entertainment commissioning editor at the time Claire Zolkwer said of the series “Bad Bridesmaids showcases some of the best new comedy talent in the country and it is amazing to see the comedians act their parts over four solid days with hilarious results – but always with female friendship right at the heart.”

London has enjoyed further comic appearances on ITV2’s Tinchy Stryder prank show pilot All About the Bants, Comedy Central’s sitcom I Live With Models, Channel 4 sci-fi pilot Space Ark, BBC3 sketch show For The Win (of which she wrote a couple of sketches), BBC2 sitcom The Stephen K Amos Show and Endemol and Beyond’s all female sketch show Sketch My Life for YouTube.

London had her first feature film role in comedy It’s A Lot, written and directed by Femi Oyeniran (Kidulthood and Adulthood) released nationwide in 2013. London improvised a lot of the comedy material for her scenes and choreographed the numerous dance routines used throughout the film.

London made her BBC Radio4 debut by writing and starring in her own sitcom pilot named 28 Dates Later. Loosely based on her life, the sitcom was about two girls that work in a cinema with a love of romantic comedies, but can’t seem to make their own love lives match up to the ones in the movies. London has also featured in comedy entertainment show Life: An Idiots Guide and satirical sketch show Newsjack, again both for BBC Radio4.

London started her television career presenting the morning show for CBBC for almost 2 years, in that time she also presented live links on BBC1 and BBC2 and made regular appearances on Blue Peter and snagged a presenter role in popular children’s show, All over the Place alongside Ed Petrie as well as voicing characters for CBBC’s comedy, Big Babies.


For more information please contact Tiffany Agbeko on 0207 428 8400.

Comic Relief Originals- Keeping Up With The Komedians

Actor (Kacy) and writerLondon Hughes stars and writes this Comic Relief Originals film focusing on the lives of three budding comedians, filmed Kardashian reality style. Comic Relief for YouTube
Celebrity Advice Bureau

GuestW's brand new series, will test that theory as a star-studded cast of celebrities is put to work as agony aunts and uncles. Guests try and solve problems ranging from the every-day to the downright bizarre.Voltage TV for UKTV/W Channel
BAFTA Children's Awards

Co-presenterThe British Academy Children's Awards celebrates the very best working in children's media.BAFTA
Xtra Factor

GuestCompanion show to The X Factor with special guests and backstage gossip.Thames Television for ITV
Scrambled Series 4

PresenterStarring: London Hughes, Arielle Free, Luke Franks, Sam Homewood
A weekend breakfast show for ITV and CITV. Chat, games and comedy sketches with the presenters interlinkning between popular CITV shows
The Foundation for CITV/ ITV1

Actor (Gabbie)Starring: David Mitchell, London Hughes, John Finnemore

New Radio 4 pilot about time travel, an evil self-storage empire, a slightly defensive angel and something rather a lot like love at first sight.
BBC Radio Comedy for BBC Radio 4

Actor (Woman in Sex Shop)Starring: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Olivia Coleman, Hugh Dennis, London Hughes

Written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and based on her award winning play, FLEABAG is a dark comedy which takes a look at responsibility and sexuality in today's young people. An outrageously funny take on a woman dealing with the horrible challenges she is faced with.
Two Brothers Pictures for BBC3 and Amazon

Actor (Sabina)Starring: London Hughes, Camille Ucan, Ellie White

Education is a noble calling; an opportunity to cultivate young minds and pass down the sacred torch of knowledge. Not so for ALICE, FRANCIS and NECK. They’re more worried about getting through lessons without vomiting, swearing at the kid, or exposing their own profound ignorance.
Hat Trick Productions for BBC3 Online
BAFTA TV Presenting Masterclass and a TV Comedy Workshop

Co-hostBAFTA TV Presenting Masterclass and a TV Comedy Workshop, co-hosted with Ben Shires at the Brighton FestivalBAFTA for Brighton Festival
BBC Comedy Live Lessons

Co-presenterStarring: London Hughes, Sara Cox, Isy Suttie, Gemma Whelan

Live Lessons is an initiative led by BBC Learning that brings engaging interactive broadcasts to schools all around the country.
BBC In House for BBC iPlayer
No Filter
Writer and actorNo Filter, a mini series written and starring London Hughes, follows 25 real life experiences, all funny, all true. YouTube
Scrambled! Series 2
Jan-March 2015
PresenterStarring: London Hughes, Arielle Free, Luke Franks, Sam Homewood
A weekend breakfast show for ITV and CITV. Chat, games and comedy sketches with the presenters interlinkning between popular CITV shows
The Foundation for CITV/ ITV1
I Live With Models
March 2015
Role: Karma
Starring: David Hoffman, Brianne Howey, Rebecca Reid
Flat-share sitcom centres around a chubby 20-something called Tommy who finds himself living with three models
Comedy Central and Roughcut TV
Brainiac (pilot)
Feb 2015
1x 30"
ContributorStarring: London Hughes, Russell Kane
Fast-paced, fun-packed series combining entertainment and science entertainment and science in a new groundbreaking format that proves science really can be fun!
Potato TV for ITV
Space Ark (pilot)
November 2014
Actor Role: CandyStarring Georgia King, Tom Stourton, Justin Edwards, Alex Beckett, Ricky Grover and Nico Tatarowicz.
Sci-fi comedy centering on the last humans alive after an asteroid destroys earth.
Hat Trick for Channel 4
Sketch My Life
July-Sept 2014
Series, multiple
PerformerStarring : London Hughes
Two comedians kidnap a different Youtuber every month and force them to act in sketches and pranks based on their lives
Endemol and Beyond for Youtube
Bad Bridesmaids
August 2014
ActorStarring: London Hughes
In order to win a luxury honeymoon, each episode will see one bride-to-be convince the people closest to her that their new and completely mad bridesmaid (enter London), is an old mate come back into their life just when they need them most to help with all the pre-wedding prep
Fresh One Productions for ITV2
Viral Trap
May 2014
Panelist Starring: Hosted by Caroline Flack with team captains Matt Richardson and Carly Smallman

Each week the regular hosts and a special guest are tasked with hunting through a collection of videos to find their favourites and challenged to create their own viral video
Yalli Productions for ITV2
Scrambled! Series 1
Jan-March 2014
PresenterStarring: London Hughes, Laura Jackson, Luke Franks, Sam Homewood

A new weekend breakfast show for ITV and CITV. Chat, games and comedy sketches with the presenters will interlink between popular CITV shows
The Foundation for CITV/ITV
It's A Lot (feature film)
October 2013
Role: Aisha
Starring: Femi Oyeniran, Kojo, Red Madrell, Jazzie Monzolo, Eddie Kadi, Roxanne Pallet

Desperate to fit in at high school and score the girl of his dreams, Shaun holds a wild house party
Kaleidoscope Productions for Nationwide cinema release
28 Dates Later (pilot)
August 2013
Writer, Actor
Role: Shona
Starring: London Hughes, Grainne Maguire, Humphrey Kerr, Romesh Ranganathan

Radio 4 comedy sitcom written by London Hughes about the tricky world of romance and dating in the capital
BBC In-House for BBC Radio 4
Yard Party (pilot)
June 2013
Writer, PerformerStarring: London Hughes, Eddie Kadi, Tez Ilyas and Humza Arshad
Big, bold, glossy live comedy and sketch show that showcases the very best in young black and Asian comedy talent.
Princess Productions for BBC Three
You've Been Served (pilot)
Spring 2013
Actor Role: Bad WaitressStarring London Hughes
A food based hidden camera prank show from Gordon Ramsey's production company
One Potato Two Potato for ITV
Black to the Future
November 2012
Role: Izambard
Starring: London Hughes and Darcy Thomas
Isimbard and Phillips are two super agents who are fighting the Germans in the second world war. Using special technology, a frequency combines their minds with the closest body and they become two young people from BME communities
The Hatch Productions for BBC Two
For the Win (online pilot)
October 2012
Writer and Actor
Various Lead Roles
Starring: London Hughes, Lizzie Daykin, Thomas Nelstrop and Sam Fletcher
Join London, Lizzie, Thomas and Sam in a world filled with sketches, characters, spoofs and songs
BBC In House for Feed my Funny BBC3
Life - An Idiots Guide
December 2011
Writer, PerformerStarring: London Hughes and Stephen K Amos
London Hughes and Stephen K Amos attempt to unravel the knotty problems of modern life.
BBC In House for BBC Radio 4
All Over the Place
Spring 2011
Series 1& 2
Actor, Presenter
Various Lead Roles
Starring: London Hughes and Ed Petrie
Ed and his friends go on a bizarre quest to find some unusual, strange and amazing places
BBC Scotland for CBBC
The Stephen K Amos Show
October 2011
Actor Role: RachelStarring: London Hughes, Stephen K Amos, Vicki Hopps, Eddie Kadi, Rosalyn Wright

Featuring original stand-up, sketches, audience interaction and special guest appearances from some of the UK's finest rising talent
BBC In House for BBC2
Big Babies
Series 1&2
Various Lead Roles
Starring: London Hughes, Martin Collins, Spencer Jones, Dan Kirwan, Caroline May

Innovative comedy series starring two 10-month-old babies with the heads of two men in their late 20's
BBC In House for CBBC
July 2010-December 2011
Presenter Starring: London HughesBBC in house for CBBC
Regulars (pilot)
Role: Caroline
Starring: London Hughes, Antonia Thomas

A sitcom surrounding the lives of the regulars that attend a well loved pub
Silver River for Channel 4