Jasmine Harman Presenter

Jasmine is best known for being the face of Channel 4’s award-winning show A Place in the Sun – Home or Away, for which she has filmed over 250 episodes. It has taken her all over the world searching for the best properties for her house- hunters. Since she joined the show in 2004 ratings have more than doubled and it is now broadcast in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

In 2011, Jasmine filmed a very personal documentary for BBC1 called My Hoarder Mum and Me, which followed her family’s attempts to overcome her mother’s compulsive hoarding. A follow up documentary, ‘Britain’s Biggest Hoarders’ aired on BBC1 the following year and the third instalment in spring 2013.

‘The Zoo Next Door’, again for BBC 1, saw Jasmine meet people who had taken pet ownership to extremes and she has appeared as a regular contributor for The One Show for the past four years.

In ‘Collectaholics’, a hit series for BBC2, Jasmine explored the weird and wonderful world of some of Britain’s greatest collections. ‘The Truth About Your Teeth’ (BBC1) explored how the latest science and technology can change the way we look after our teeth.

Before her career in television Jasmine worked in the Health Club Industry. She is a qualified fitness instructor and lived in the Algarve working as a marketing manager for a luxury health resort. Here she began writing professionally and hosted her own twice-weekly live magazine show on the Algarve’s most popular radio station, Kiss FM.

Jasmine supports a number of charities; she became a celebrity waiter in aid of Nelson Mandela’s Children’s fund and traded on the stock market for Breast Cancer Care. She has also been dog sledding in the Arctic for the Dog’s Trust.

Jasmine is still passionate about health and well-being. She enjoys boxercise, salsa and Savante, and has been a vegetarian for 30 years. Whenever she has the chance, Jasmine loves to travel, however as the eldest of seven children, she loves nothing more than catching up with her family. Jasmine grew up in Hackney, East London and now lives with her husband Jon and their two children Joy and Albion.

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A Place In The Sun
(Home or Away)

2004 - Present
PresenterOngoing lifestyle television series- Jasmine helps couples find their perfect property either abroad or in the UK Freeform Productions for Channel 4
A Place In The Sun

2004 - Present
PresenterOngoing lifestyle television series- Jasmine helps couples find their perfect property abroad Freeform Productions for Channel 4
The Truth About Your Teeth

Presenter2 part Documentary about the nation's teeth and how the latest science can change how we all look after themBBC 1

PresenterAn insight into the weird and wonderful items people collect from cars to an extensive Pokemon collectionRDF Television for BBC 2
Britain's Compulsive Shoppers

PresenterFollowing addicted shoppers and investigating the motives behind their habitTwofour for BBC 1
The One Show

ReporterLive magazine programme featuring topical stories and big name studio guestsBBC 1
Britain's Biggest Hoarders

2012 & 2013
PresenterA look into hoarding disorder that effects up to 3 million people in BritainTwofour for BBC 1
My Hoarder Mum and Me

PresenterA deeply personal documentary looking at Jasmine's struggle to help her mum overcome her hoarding disorder which has left the family home almost inhabitableTwofour for BBC 1