Camilla Thurlow

Camilla Thurlow warmed the public’s hearts on Love Island 2017. Her openness and vulnerability proved popular, with the public voting her in second place. The most asked questions – why did this explosive ordnance disposal expert apply to Love Island? She wanted to confront the fact she didn’t have a personal life having spent long periods abroad with her humanitarian work. What was more intimidating Afghanistan or Love Island? Definitely Love Island!

Passionate about raising awareness of the effect conflict has on civilian lives, both during and after it takes place. Within days of leaving the villa, Camilla arranged a visit to Thessaloniki with Help Refugees – putting her background in humanitarian work and new found public platform to good use. She visited refugee camps, and learnt about the experiences of those fleeing violence. She is passionate about raising awareness of the refugee crisis, and the impact explosive remnants of war have on lives even after the fighting has stopped.

Camilla holds an IMAS Level 3 Explosive Ordnance Disposal qualification, and has worked on delivering quality projects within high-pressure environments. Since 2013, she has worked in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Nagorno Karabakh, Georgia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan. 

During her time overseas she also worked with partner organisations on projects such as the delivery of prosthetic limbs in remote areas, mine risk education for adults and children, and agricultural skill development amongst beneficiaries of clearance. She has worked on spatial analysis using GIS tools and managed projects implementing tablet based software to provide remote management of teams working in high-risk areas.

For further information please contact 0207 4288400

Love Island 2017Second place contestantCamilla proved popular with the nation on ITV’s most talked about reality dating competition, finishing in second place with boyfriend JamieITV2
Danish Demining Group – Danish Refugee Council, Afghanistan, 2016 - 2017Deputy Programme ManagerCamilla managed a project to implement remote management software allowing daily oversight of the team active in high-risk areas. She was also responsible for the delivery of the Armed Violence Reduction components for a new FCO-funded pilot project to support the resilience of vulnerable communities, and rehabilitation of returnees and IDPsN/A
The HALO Trust
Zimbabwe 2016,
Mozambique 2015 – 16
Nagorno Karabakh, Zimbabwe & Georgia 2015
Cambodia 2013 - 14
Programme and Field OfficerCamilla joined the Halo trust and worked with war torn communities in the clearance of landmines and weapons. She gained an IMAS Level 3 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Qualification (98% score in final exam) N/A