Anita Rani Presenter

Anita is one of the lead presenters on BBC One’s Countryfile and is a regular part of the One Show team.

Having wowed the audience of Strictly Come Dancing 2015 with her hard work, enthusiasm and total fearlessness, Anita is looking forward to returning to the dance floor as host of the Live Tour in early 2017.

With a back-to-back diary since her dancing days, 2016 was a busy year for Anita. At the beginning of the year, she visited the Zaatari Refugee camp in Jordan, listening to the refugee’s moving stories and catching a glimpse of real life in the camp. The Refugee Camp: Our Desert Home featured as a prime time two part series on BBC One earlier last year.

In January 2016, Anita also travelled to the U.S to explore New York: America’s Busiest City for a three part BBC 2 series . Anita and co-presenters, Ade Adepitan and Dan Snow, investigated the transport links, local delicacies and the beautiful landscapes of the Big Apple.

Delving into her family tree, Anita featured in the popular BBC series Who Do You Think You Are? In an episode that resonated widely, Anita travelled from Bradford to the Punjab, and was visibly moved by the discoveries she made about her grandparents, and the bigger story it told for many other families.

Turning her hand to live TV, Anita joined the team at ITV’s This Morning for 5 shows across the summer, co-hosting alongside TV chef James Martin. She has also hosted the One Show on a number of occasions.

During another trip to India, Anita got stuck into experiencing the daily life of a commuter, enduring a hectic commute from CST station in Mumbai and exploring the complex food delivery system in the city. The World’s Busiest Railway Station featured as part of the BBC’s major India season in 2015.

Anita has presented a wide-range of factual programmes, for both the This World strand, and the Four Wheels series, both on BBC Two.

Her resume also includes Escape To the Continent, as well as the RTS award-winning Four Rooms on Channel 4. In 2012, Anita turned her hand to baking and was crowned Comic Relief’s Great British Bake Off’s inaugural winner. A highlight of Anita’s earlier career was presenting the monumental Royal Wedding ceremony back in 2011, broadcast live to millions worldwide on BBC One.

Summer 2016 saw the first ever Countryfile Live event held at Blenheim Palace. An interactive four day festival including food and gift markets, live talks and numerous outdoor activates saw more than 125,000 pass through the famous grounds. Due to its success, Anita will be returning to Blenheim Palace for the live show again this year.

Much in demand, Anita’s expeditions have taken her all over the world. Anita’s infectious enthusiasm, passion and wide-ranging interests mean she is equally happy at home presenting live TV, or filming international documentaries. Always ensuring she gets the best out of her interviewees, whether it’s a farmer in Yorkshire, or a tribal leader in Papua New Guinea!

Anita recently presented and co-produced BBC One’s 2 part series My Family, Partition and Me: India 1947. During this emotional and sobering journey, Anita explored the human impact of the Partition of India through the intimate stories of four British families, including her own. Using compelling first-hand testimony from British Partition survivors, their children and grandchildren retrace the dramatic journeys they were forced to make during Partition.

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World's Busiest Cities

Co-Presenter Dan Snow, Anita Rani and Ade Adepitan go behind the scenes to reveal the hidden systems and armies of people running some of the greatest cities on earth.BBC 2
My Family, Partition and Me: India 1947

Presenter and Co-ProducerAnita Rani presents the extraordinary and emotional stories of three British families, one Muslim, one Hindu and one British colonial, who lived in India 70 years ago, at the time of partition.Wall to Wall for BBC One
Countryfile Live

Summer 2016 & 2017
Host Annual Event at Blenheim Palace bringing Countryfile to life including talks and quizzes with the presenters, live animals, farming workshops, food and clothing stalls, gifting and much more.N/A
One Love Manchester Concert 2017 Reporter Anita presented live coverage from the concert and interviewed the young fans about the event BBC 1
2015- Present
PresenterLifestyle magazine show exploring wildlife, conservation, farming, arts & crafts, social history and leisure activities. Episodes include several segments with other presenters, uncovering stories in the featured region of the UK.BBC 1
Strictly Come Dancing Tour

Host The Strictly Come Dancing finalists tour the country in the live show, competing for the golden Strictly trophy N/A
New York: America's Busiest City

August- September 2016
PresenterAnita Rani, Ade Adepitan, Ant Anstead and Dan Snow are in New York to reveal the astonishing daily systems that allow America's biggest and busiest city to function day and night.BBC Studios for BBC Two
This Morning

Summer 2016
Co-presenterMagazine show with celebrity guests, entertainment, advice, competitions and features.ITV 1
The Refugee Camp: Our Desert Home

PresenterAnita Rani, Javid Abdelmoneim and Ben Timberlake immerse themselves in the life of Zaatari, of a unique desert city in Jordan.Twenty Twenty for BBC2
Jack Dee's Referendum Helpdesk

Panellist Anita Rani, Romesh Ranganathan, Henning Wehn, Katherine Ryan and Jack Dee help a live studio audience dispel their problems regarding the EU referendum.Open Mike for BBC2
Radio 2- Anita sits in

Radio PresenterAnita sits in for Liza Tarbuck's Saturday evening show with a mix of great music and chat.BBC Radio 2
The One Show

2008- Present
PresenterCo-presenter with Matt BakerBBC 1
The World's Busiest Railway

PresenterDan Snow, Anita Rani, Robert Llewellyn and John Sergeant explore the world's busiest railway in India from the science, systems and staff responsible for keeping this supersized transport system running to schedule.BBC 2
Who Do You Think You Are?

GuestGenealogy series where celebrities trace back their family history, unveiling hidden secrets they never knew about their family treeBBC 1
Strictly Come Dancing
ContestantCelebrities pair up with professional dancers to compete in a ballroom dancing competitionBBC 1
Four Rooms
PresenterTop dealers, each with their own private room, compete to buy objects brought in by sellers, with an emphasis on the macabre and the bizarreBoundless for Channel 4
Foxes Live: Wild In The City
Co-presenterFoxes Live launches a multi platform campaign to educate the nation in an attempt to track and follow foxes around the UK to learn more about these elusive creatures Windfall Films for Channel 4
China On Four Wheels
Co-presenterAnita Rani and Justin Rowlatt's epic road trip to explore how cars are transforming China BBC2
The One Show 2008-2011Lead ReporterLive magazine programme featuring topical stories and big name studio guestsBBC1
The Royal Wedding 2011Lead ReporterBBC coverage of the royal wedding of Will and KateBBC1
India on Four Wheels
Co-presenterAnita Rani and Justin Rowlatt take two very different road trips around India, investigating how the booming car industry has changed the country and the lives of it's people BBC2
Co-presenterConsumer affairs series investigating problems, dangers and scams experienced by customersBBC1
Make Me White
PresenterAnita investigates the products used in skin lightening in the Asian community and explores the reasons behind the growing trendBBC1