John Noel Management

John Noel Management is a London based talent agency giving sole representation to over 30 clients, many of which you may have heard of, many you will hear of in the future and many you don’t hear of anymore because they have been involved in dastardly scandals and schemes.

We’ve got the whole lot! Presenters, Stand-up Comedians, Actors and Writers across a wide variety of media, including TV, Film, Radio, Theatre, Books and Online.

John Noel Management was established in 1977, the year of the punk and the year of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and curiously we embody both the dignity and pomp of the royal family but also the creativity and edginess of punk rock.

List of Agents

John Noel

John Noel assisted by Lauren Jay

Matthew Wright
Dr Oscar Duke
Sabrina Grant
Sam Delaney
Joanna Abeyie
Fafa Gilbert


Jadeen Singh

Jadeen Singh assisted by Jess Green
Mandy Saligari
Darren Kennedy
Meryl Fernandes
Spencer Matthews
Gordon Watson 
Scarlett Moffatt
Sam Homewood
AJ Odudu – assisted by Lauren Jay
Ranvir Singh – assisted by Lauren Jay
Louise Glazebrook – assisted by Lauren Jay
Lauren Platt
Simon Atkins